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Sportingbet Review

When Sportingbet, a leading betting platform in the UK, expanded its services to South Africa in 2008, it created quite a stir. Since then, the company has continuously experienced growth and success. Although their online sportsbook maintains its distinctive British appeal, brand has made considerable efforts to ensure that South Africans feel embraced and valued as customers.

100% deposit match up to R1,000
  • Diversity of features
  • Good Welcome Bonus
  • User-friendly interface
  • Vast variety of betting markets

What is the result? Sportingbet South Africa emerges as a formidable bookmaker, capable of competing with nearly all other local brands. We do not give out such commendation lightly, which is why we have prepared a comprehensive review for your perusal.

Here are some key points to know:

Owner: GVC Holdings PLC.

The location of our headquarters is in London, United Kingdom.

Year of Establishment: 1997

Odds Provided by: In-house

There are various types and functions of betting, including in-play betting, keyword lookup, cashout, construct-a-bet, multiple bets, handicaps, and virtual sports.

Casino Games: 30+

Supported Apps: iOS, Android

SportingBet south africa

What are the advantages of Sportingbet South Africa?

It has established itself as a prominent player in the South African market for over ten years, making a noteworthy impact in the realm of sportsbooks. Throughout this duration, they have effectively earned the confidence of bettors in South Africa. Although brand enjoys global recognition, they also provide distinct features specifically tailored for their South African website. We credit the following aspects for the success achieved:

Competitive Odds

Throughout our assessment, we consistently noticed that brand consistently presents exceptional odds. Although the figures may not be excessively elevated, they tend to surpass those offered by alternative betting platforms. Sports bettors with expertise may find brand to be the ultimate choice for obtaining optimal value in sportsbooks.

It stands out among other online betting operators by consistently offering slightly higher odds on nearly all events. This advantage has the potential to greatly enhance winnings, making it one of Sportingbet’s most remarkable strengths.

Its strong position in the South African online betting market is further consolidated by their provision of some of the best odds, recognizing the importance of odds in betting.

Amazing User Interface

Based on our extensive testing of different bookmakers, it stands out with its highly appealing user interface (UI). Unlike other platforms, it is free from unnecessary banners or clutter, allowing users to easily navigate, deposit funds, and place bets without any distractions. As a result, even beginners in the world of betting can confidently make use of Sportingbet South Africa.

Exciting Welcome Package for Fresh Players

SA bookmakers often offer free bets to attract new players, and this is almost always the case. We commend this brand for their outstanding commitment to offering the largest amount of free bets among all betting sites in the country. We will discuss the details of this offer later, but it is clear that you have a lucrative and fair opportunity at your disposal.

Comprehensive Sportsbook

It is truly lives up to its name by offering one of the most exceptional sportsbooks in South Africa. They excel in this crucial aspect by providing a wide range of options to choose from.

It stands out by providing a remarkable selection of 31 diverse sporting and event disciplines, each accompanied by its own dedicated league.

Great User Experience

Sportingbet’s user-friendly website layout and design enables even those with limited tech knowledge to navigate effortlessly. The critical information is given priority, while features and options are conveniently accessible.

Their platform is truly a source of joy, having undergone years of refinement through extensive experimentation and adjustments.

SA’s premier live betting site

When it comes to live betting, it surpasses all others in South Africa.

With its outstanding design catering to live betting, their interface emerges as the ultimate preference, presenting an array of features including live streaming and auto cash out.

Steps to Creating an Account with Sportingbet South Africa

  • Click Register.
  • Please provide your email address to generate a password. Please note that your password must meet specific requirements. You can verify its validity by counting the green ticks displayed below the empty field.
  • To confirm your identity, kindly share your name, date of birth, and ID number. Rest assured, the information you provide will only be disclosed for criminal investigation purposes, if necessary, and will not be shared with any other party.
  • Kindly furnish your address, source of funds, and phone number in the following section. Although it may appear as a considerable amount of information to provide, each piece of data is treated as a distinct step in the registration process, ensuring a swift completion.
  • Make sure to double-check everything. To ensure accuracy, review all the information once more to confirm that you have provided the correct details.
  • After reviewing the Terms and Conditions, kindly click on ‘Create My Account’. Good luck and always play responsibly!
Sportingbet Review

Welcome to Sportingbet South Africa’s Welcome Offer.

Brand stands out from the crowd by adopting a unique approach that sets them apart. This is evident in their Promotions section, where they diverge from the conventional practice of offering free bets to new customers. Rather than simply handing out free money, they challenge you to take a calculated risk in order to maximize your gains. Taking into account the fairness of this arrangement, we are highly content with it.

Brand’s exhilarating Triple Welcome Package grants you R3,000 along with 300 Free Spins, distributed across your initial three deposits. The fantastic part is that you have the freedom to utilize the bonus funds in the casino or sportsbook sections, depending on your personal preference. Let’s take a closer look at what Sportingbet South Africa’s welcome offer has in store for you.

What are the steps to activate and claim the bonus?

In order to activate this bonus, simply create an account and deposit a minimum of R10. The bonus will be displayed in the Cashier section while making your deposit. Remember to opt-in before completing your initial payment, and both your actual funds and bonus funds will be available in your account promptly. If you encounter any difficulties, please don’t hesitate to contact customer support via live chat, phone, or email. The Help Pages can also provide helpful information.

A Concise Handbook for Betting at Sportingbet South Africa

  1. Please do the Sportingbet log in to your account to access the betting slip feature. While it is technically feasible to create a slip without signing in, logging in allows you to promptly submit the slip.
  2. Select a sport from the homepage and if you want to see all the available events, click on Sports A-Z and browse through the list.
  3. Select the event you desire to wager on from the provided schedule, which also includes the commonly chosen markets beneath each event.
  4. To choose a market that interests you, simply click on an event. This action will redirect you to a new page where you can explore an extensive list of available markets.
  5. As you explore the site, you are welcome to include additional markets with multiple legs. By clicking on a market, a small pop-up will emerge, offering you the option to add it to the slip. You may repeat this procedure as many times as you desire.
  6. Please enter the amount you want to bet and click Submit. Double-check everything and see your potential earnings. If everything looks good, click Submit and good luck!

Sportingbet Sportsbook

It has made it clear that their sportsbook is their main focus, offering one of the largest and most varied options in South Africa.

In addition to placing bets on popular soccer and rugby matches, punters are also granted the opportunity to wager on politics and the results of specific television shows.

With over 30 diverse sports and event categories, along with highly competitive odds, it would be difficult to find a platform that surpasses us in providing a more comprehensive sports betting experience in South Africa’s online betting scene.

Soccer Betting

If you’re an ardent soccer fan with a knack for predicting game outcomes, it is the perfect platform for you.

Brand offers a wide range of soccer betting options with over 60 different leagues to choose from in their comprehensive sportsbook.

Brand is the perfect choice for those who enjoy betting on the Premier League and keeping up with the PSL.

Rugby Betting

Brand provides excellent support to rugby bettors as well.

It offers coverage for the most widely followed rugby leagues across the globe.

It offers extensive coverage for avid fans of Super Rugby and the Currie Cup, while also keeping them updated on the performances of our locally-grown players in Europe. In addition to all of this, they provide even more exciting features and services.

Cricket Betting

Cricket enthusiasts can engage in betting on matches worldwide through brand.

They offer extensive event coverage across multiple locations such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the UAE, and global meetups, among others. Moreover, they provide a wide range of betting markets for cricket, ensuring that cricket enthusiasts have ample options to choose from.

Horse Racing Betting

If you have an interest in horse race betting, it offers a wide selection of ongoing horse racing events. You can have the pleasure of watching live coverage from various South African racecourses, as well as international events from countries like the USA, UK, and the UAE, among others.

These countries collectively organize multiple live events concurrently, offering horse racing enthusiasts a comprehensive perspective on worldwide occurrences.

Tennis Betting

It is the ultimate destination for those interested in tennis betting.

At any given time, they provide in-depth coverage of all major tennis events worldwide, offering competitive odds and a wide range of betting options for tennis enthusiasts.

Sportingbet’s live betting feature on tennis is highly favored, as it is well-structured and user-friendly, making it exceptionally difficult to come across a bookmaker that offers a superior experience.

Sportingbet Reviews

Live Betting

It provides an exceptional live betting feature that displays clear odds that change according to the corresponding events.

As the event progresses, the squares displaying the fluctuating odds will flash green in the top right corner or red in the bottom right corner. These flashes serve as indicators for changes in the odds.

When the green flashes occur, it signifies that the current odds price is going up and implies that it will continue to rise. On the contrary, when the red flashes appear, it indicates a decrease in the odds prices and indicates that they will continue to fall.

Live Games

Brand offers a wide range of options to enjoy live games, providing a remarkable variety of methods for an immersive experience.

It offers an extensive selection of games that cater to different interests, including live roulette, blackjack, deal or no deal, and live monopoly, ensuring endless hours of entertainment.

We are grateful for the inclusion of Sportingbet’s guides, which provide instructions on how to play their games. This valuable addition ensures that players have the necessary knowledge to start playing.

Bet Games

As part of their selection of betting games, it offers a variety of 9 different options to choose from. These include Speedy 7, War of Bets, 6+ Poker, Bet on Poker, Wheel, Lucky 7, Lucky 6, and Lucky 5.

If you are not certain about the functioning of betting games, there are guides available to assist you.

Sportingbet App

The betting platform offers a high-quality Sportingbet app and mobile version, allowing you to conveniently place bets while on the go.

We recommend avoiding downloading their app from the play store as it redirects you to Betway’s homepage for unknown reasons. If you’re interested in obtaining their app, explore alternative sources.

If for any reason this does not meet your requirements, we highly recommend using their mobile site instead. It is well-designed and ensures a fantastic betting experience.


In order to download the functional app, it is recommended to follow these steps.

  • To find Sportingbet, simply utilize your mobile’s search engine like Google or Safari.
  • After accessing their mobile site, click on the option labeled “New App”.
  • To get your phone ready for the app download, simply follow the provided steps.
  • Start Betting and Enjoy!

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What is the best way to reach out to the customer support of Sportingbet South Africa?

You can reach out to the support team via live chat, email, or phone. However, please note that their availability is currently restricted to the hours of 08:00 to 21:00.

Is it legal for Sportingbet to operate as an online bookmaker?

Yes, indeed, it is fully licensed by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board (WCGRB) in South Africa.

Is there a welcome bonus available at Sportingbet South Africa?

New customers at Sportingbet can now enjoy the chance to receive up to R3,000 and 300 free spins on their first three deposits.

Are there any additional attractive promotions available at Sportingbet South Africa?

There are indeed two “safety nets” available for football and tennis. In essence, if one leg of your entire multi-bet fails, you will get your wager refunded.

Is it possible for me to withdraw my bets from Sportingbet?

Certainly, not all bets meet the criteria. The qualifying markets are clearly highlighted, ensuring they cannot be missed. Nevertheless, it is strictly prohibited to engage in live betting.

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