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10bet Review South Africa

10bet’s entrance into South Africa’s market is aimed at offering bettors a trustworthy gambling platform, as the global betting industry maintains steady growth.

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  • It has an Android app
  • The site has a great design
  • 10Bet has a simple signup process
  • It covers a variety of sports

The bookmaker has created products specifically tailored for the South African market, providing top-quality odds for football and horse racing, known as the nation’s most beloved sports.

Newly registered members on the site are fortunate because they can take advantage of a welcome bonus that enhances their betting capabilities. Additionally, the site ensures its current players are well taken care of by providing a wide range of promotional offers.

Is 10bet considered legitimate in South Africa?

The National Gambling Board of South Africa regulates and licenses 10 bet, an esteemed operator known for its credibility.

10bet Sports Betting Review

The main focus of 10bet South Africa is on sports betting. The extensive range of betting options in South Africa has been influenced by the nation’s deep-rooted sporting culture.

It is important to note that this is the sole African country that has had the privilege of hosting the FIFA World Cup tournament. Furthermore, our assessment of 10bet showcased an extensive range of sports coverage provided by the bookmaker, leaving a lasting impact on us.

Sports Available

When you visit the 10bet website, you will find a wide selection of sports categories available for punters in South Africa. As soon as you access the main menu, the first thing you will see is the sports section. Here, you can explore various prominent game features and choose from a diverse range of sports disciplines.

  • 10bet Review South AfricaFootball
  • Horse Racing
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • American Football
  • Baseball
  • Ice hockey
  • Handball
  • Golf
  • Rugby

Football is the most popular daily event, as evidenced by its inclusion in the ‘Top Action’ section of the bookmaker’s list, which highlights the most sought-after events.

The leagues showcased here consist of the English Premier League, Germany’s Bundesliga, France’s League 1, and England’s Championship.

After conducting a review of 10 bet, it has come to our attention that horse racing is the second most popular sport in South Africa. Moreover, 10bet prominently features and organizes the top horse racing events, considering them as their most significant action events.

If you have a passion for sports like basketball and tennis, you might want to explore the exhilarating tournaments such as the NBA and WTA. Even if you’re more inclined towards less mainstream sports like water polo and badminton, there are still plenty of betting opportunities that will appeal to bettors.


10bet South Africa, like many other bookmakers, uses a decimal format for its odds, making it easy for players to calculate potential outcomes. By multiplying the odds value with the stake, players can quickly determine the potential outcome of their bet.

The technical team focuses on creating appealing odds that increase the value of your winning bets, particularly in relation to the popular sports of football and horse racing in South Africa.

Every sport has its own distinct scoring system. For instance, in a single football game, it’s possible to witness up to 10 goals being scored. Conversely, a basketball match has the potential to accumulate as many as 250 baskets.

Hence, the manner in which odds are portrayed may vary across different sports. Distinctive outcome structures in sports such as golf and cricket impact the presentation of odds.

By balancing the odds values to suit both the bookmaker and the players, 10bets has successfully expanded its fan base.

Live Betting

At 10bet South Africa, punters can engage in live betting, allowing them to place bets on ongoing games. Every day, the bookmaker carefully curates a selection of games to be featured in this dynamic segment.

You can still place a bet on your preferred event, even if you’re late and the game is almost over. The advantage of live betting is that it enables you to predict the likely winner by considering the score lines before placing your bet.

Most players, particularly those with considerable experience, are likely to have a greater chance of winning in live bets.

The frequent fluctuation in odds values can pose a potential disadvantage for newcomers, complicating their ability to accurately determine the most lucrative betting point.

The effective color scheme tackles the issue by using green to indicate an increase in odds value and red to represent a decrease. However, a drawback of this feature is that the odds values are noticeably lower compared to pre-match bets.

Nevertheless, in matches where there is a clear underdog, the bookmaker typically increases the odds.

Those who enjoy watching live games and placing bets simultaneously may be disappointed with 10 bet as it does not offer a live streaming feature. However, they can still enjoy the thrill in the virtual section and keep track of live results using the live betting feature.

10bet Review


Esports has taken the world by storm, creating major upheaval in the betting industry. This exciting feature can be found under the sports category, where 10bet provides extensive coverage of premier leagues from across the globe.

Customers have the opportunity to place bets on globally participated and broadcasted tournaments in popular games like League of Legends, CSGO, Starcraft 2, Overwatch, Dota 2, and VALORANT through 10bet South Africa.

Esports, unlike real-life games, are simulations unaffected by natural events like weather or player injuries. As a result, you have the opportunity to bet on a diverse range of matches throughout the year.

10bet Payment Methods Review

Bettors in South Africa can enjoy secure and convenient payment options through 10bet. The general consensus from the 10bet South Africa review reflects a high level of satisfaction with their services.

Bank cards and e-wallets are the primary banking methods offered at 10 bet.

Players must open an account with their preferred banks in order to acquire bank cards. Upon receiving the cards, they can proceed to connect them with their 10bets profiles.

To initiate a deposit, just input your bank card information, and the bookmaker will promptly deduct the designated amount from your account. For withdrawals, you can conveniently access your funds through an ATM using your bank card.

It may take a few days for your withdrawals to be processed and for the cash to be made available in your account, due to the implementation of advanced security protocols by banks.

E-wallets, managed by global money transfer systems, enable users to create an account and connect it to their 10bet profile. These platforms offer a faster alternative to bank cards, enabling players to instantly deposit funds.

Withdrawal transactions usually take a few minutes to complete, although in some cases, it may take up to a maximum of 24 hours.

Review of Bonuses and Promotions Offered by 10bet

To entice and enhance the rewards for players, 10bet has introduced a range of bonus features. Among these, the initial promotion is a specially tailored welcome bonus catering exclusively to new participants.

Upon joining 10bet, you will be rewarded with a cash bonus that matches the amount you deposit.

At 10bet, current players have the opportunity to make the most of additional advantages such as complimentary bets, which allow you to earn money on your future deposits. Another form of complimentary wager called Moneyback is also available at 10 bet.

In addition, anticipate an added bonus feature known as the accumulator offer, which enables you to earn a specific percentage of money based on the number of events you include in your accumulator. As a part of its bonus structure, 10bets also offers enhanced odds.

To enhance the potential outcome, the bookmaker handpicks particular events and amplifies the value of bets.

10bet App Review

After a considerable period, 10bet South Africa has successfully brought their vision of a remarkable mobile app into reality. Their recent development of an Android app signifies the accomplishment of this idea. Undoubtedly, this latest addition is bound to be highly appreciated by users.

The 10 bet app promotes resource conservation by utilizing minimal bandwidth, while also providing a versatile gaming experience that allows users to place bets conveniently from any location using their mobile devices.

The mobile app provides a remarkable visual experience by optimizing its performance seamlessly on the bookmaker. Despite the smaller screen size of the device, the icons are neatly organized without any congestion or overlapping. Furthermore, all the features available on the desktop version can also be accessed on the website.

With your mobile device, you have the convenience of performing various tasks such as registration, betting, claiming bonuses, and participating in casino games. Furthermore, the app enables you to conduct transactions and withdraw cash directly into your wallet.

You can perform functions as seamlessly as you would on a desktop, thanks to the inclusion of highly efficient modern features.

10bet South Africa

10bet Registration Process Review

Individuals who have reached the age of 18 or more are eligible to create an account on 10bet. The signup procedure is straightforward, as it only necessitates a mobile phone number and eliminates the necessity for a lengthy form that requests multiple details.

It only takes a minute to create an account and become a member of 10bet. Afterward, you can instantly deposit funds and start exploring the site’s diverse markets.

According to this review of 10bet login South Africa is excellent as it does not burden players with excessive requirements.

10bet Customer Service Review

To guarantee a smooth gaming experience, 10bets has established a reliable customer support center. If you encounter any issues, their representatives are available round the clock and ready to assist you at all times.

The department is comprised of skilled experts who have a thorough grasp of the site’s operations. They have the necessary abilities to handle issues related to payments, account sign-up, bonus requests, placing bets, and various other matters.

Additionally, you can find more information on Gbets review.

Frequently Asked Questions about the 10bet Review in South Africa

All aspects of 10bet South Africa have been covered in this review. If you need further information, please feel free to browse the FAQs provided below.

Is 10bet trustworthy?

Without a doubt, 10bet South Africa is under the ownership of Ocean Star Limited, a company registered in Malta. The betting platform holds various licenses, including one granted by the esteemed Malta Gaming Authority. This further reinforces the credibility of 10 bet, as the authority is highly regarded in the online gambling sector.

Can 10bet be accessed in South Africa?

As of July 2022, players in South Africa are currently unable to access 10bet. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that it may become accessible in the near future. To stay updated on the latest news, we suggest bookmarking this page.

What are the steps to create a 10bet account?

To create a 10bet account, simply visit their website and click on ‘Join Now’. Fill out the registration form with the necessary information, and your 10bet account will be instantly created.

What is the reason behind 10bet’s dysfunction?

It is possible that both the betting company and the player may encounter functionality issues on their websites and mobile apps, including 10bet. To begin troubleshooting, please ensure that your internet connection is functioning properly. In case of a weak or non-existent signal, this could be the underlying cause of the problem.

If your device and internet connection are functioning properly, the issue is likely with 10bet. This could be due to maintenance or service disruptions on their site. We recommend contacting customer support through social media to get more information about the problem and to inquire about the estimated time for resolution.

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